Committed X

I have just yesterday finished reading the book ‘Committed – A Love Story’. A book written by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love who fell in love with Filipe a Brazillian born Australian citizen who she met in Bali.

If you have read or seen Eat Pray Love you will know that she has already been through a terrible divorce, Felipe had too also been through a divorce and both vowed never to marry again. Well their story takes a turn after living between America and many other countries for a number of years when they fly back into America this last time and are stopped at the border. So as to not give the story away and long story short Felipe is denied entry and they are basically told he can not enter again unless they are married.

This book is Elizabeth Gilbert delving into the history of marriage while being stuck in the immigration web trying to get her husband back into the country. Sounds a little bit all to familiar to me…

I loved this book. Yes of course because so many parts hit home for me but I loved her narrative on the history of marriage and so many of the cultural, societal and political view points that she brought to it. Moving into marriage myself I have began to think about what marriage means and trying to make sense of some of the characteristics it might take to build a successful marriage. There were so many nuggets of gold In there that I enjoyed that I never ‘dog ear’ my pages but I just had too.

And then reading the many stories of hers and Felipes’ life up to and during that time was like reading pages out of my own story. I saw so much of Wagi and I in that book and when the end arrived and they received their outcome from the Deaprtment of Homeland Security I literally wept and sobbed like a baby. Because I could see myself in that moment and I could feel what it will feel like when Wagi is allowed to come home and it was beautiful to me.

This book also allowed me to take some of the fear away from the immigration process and to take control of our situation and approach a lawyer we had been in contact with to represent us. I am not going to lie Fear held me back in that one and I am grateful for my sister for pointing this book into my life’s direction because it gave me the strength to push on and faith that it all will be well.

Falling in love with a man from a country in different time zones to yours and then carrying that relationship over three years is no easy feat.

Long distance ain’t for chumps.

We gonna get this.

Te Amo XX


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