Lawyers of Love X

So we have taken the first step this year towards hopefully getting legal help to bring my love home to New Zealand. I haven’t spoken very much on here of why we are not both living together in New Zealand a) Because it hurts so damn much and b). Because we are at the hands of an agency that decides our fate so going too public on our information just doesn’t feel too right just now.

But let’s just say we have had to really look around for the right lawyer and that lawyer has defined our case as very complex. We made contact with him last year in April last year before Raymond and I travelled to Brazil for 3 months but we weren’t really able to afford what it was going to cost to begin the process so we held off. Not that we are in any better state now but we are just going to do what it takes and do it now.

When I write it, it seems pretty crazy to start now especially when we are in the throws of organising not one but two weddings!! I am currently unemployed (recently redundant) and Wagi is on a trial period at a restaurant in Copacabana. But everything is possible and we have to believe that we can do everything we set our minds to.

Te Amo
Aroha XX


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