New Languages of Love X


I am on a  mission.

By all means necessary I will be able to have my Brazil wedding without a translator. I will be able to hear and understand what the celebrant will say to solidify our Brazil Marriage and I have exactly 390 days (until my wedding) to do so. My challenge is set!

The other reason the mission is set is because every time I speak Portuguese or show Wagi new sentences or words that I have been using his eye either light up (if we are on Skype or in person) or I can hear his voice change (if we are on the phone) to love and excitement and pride. I want him to be impressed I want him to think me even sexier with the language and I know it does those things for him.

I am using two online tools for learning; Duolingo and Semantica – Portuguese, both of which have helped me on my three trips to Brazil thus far. I found that Duolingo prepped me for the basics and word recognition quite quickly, I was only up to level 10 so I am sure it will help me with heaps more as I progress. And Semantica – Portuguese helped me with everyday situations, because I had the characters in my mind I was able to recall information quite quickly also I can still picture the situations that I had seen with this style of learning. If you want to read more information about both of these tools check out these links! For Duolingo here, and Sematica – portuguese here.

Duolingo says that I am 33% fluent and my aim is to be 100% by then. I haven’t been as active as I should be with my language learning but now that I have set myself the goal I will work hard with dedication!

Anyway I will keep the journey updated of my learnings.

Te Amo
Aroha X


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