Mosquito Love X

It had been so hot and when we arrived back to Valadares a few weeks ago and we were told apparently there is a mosquito outbreak.

No apparently. Definitely.

And who do you think they were loving the most?? Yup you guessed it the sweet now blooded estrangeiros (foreigners) that had just arrived. The kid and I.

I am not one for harming any type of living anything but I have never been so happy to see the death of a mosquito… and when I say ‘a’ I mean all of them. I have never been so grateful for what I thought to be a pointless invention. An electric tennis racket that when hit electrocutes the mosquito to smitherines. No more mosquito. Yay.

I also read up on mosquitoes and what happens when their saliva penetrates your skin and reacts to your body and activates all the cortisol in that area. And when you scratch it the cortisol is heightened and spreads and make you want to itch more. I also looked up all the natural remedies as well to stop the itching. Lavender. Check. Soap. Check. Onions. Check. Garlic. Check. Cloves. Check. Lemon. Check. Alcohol. Check. Yup did them all. And in many cases a combination of options worked.

I am writing this in retrospect because apparently you become immune to them around 21 days later. Seems to be true. Well at least, a reduction of biting seems to have occurred. Oh my days. There were times when I thought I was going to completley lose it (a couple of times I did) but I am getting there.

Wagis mum worries about us and the mosquitoes. She is a wonderful lady always caring and checking on us and for that we are grateful.

Anyway I wrote a letter to the world about mosquitoes. Here you go.

Dear Mr Mosquito,

I never understood what function you serve in this world. I think you are annoying and pointless.

Love Aroha xx


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