Gifted Energy X


NB: Purple Monster is the term I have come up with to describe a bad mood. Or feeling impatient or grumpy and basically a shitty mood. Sounds way more interesting than the terms above x

Woke up this morning. Everything was OK. Got myself up and could feel the purple monster creeping up inside of me.

Ok go have coffee Aroha. You need it.

Come back to the room and I could feel purple again. I can’t find order. There are things everywhere. I miss my draws. I miss my morning lattes. I miss being able to sleep naked (see previous post on shared bedroom with fianće and kid). I can feel purple creeping up.

Fianće comes in with the kid and says “Babe we are going for a…..”
Looks at me and my face. He knows my energy, he knows my face. He just knows.
“Aw Babe I can feel it”
“It’s ok love just shut the door and give me 10 minutes. I’ll lie down and reset myself”
Kid walks over to me and says
“Mum here” puts his hands above my head as if to transmit energy
“I’m gonna give you some of my good energy” starts to make energy transmisson sounds over my head. Fianće starts too. Sharing his positive energy to lift me too. I now have two beautiful human beings gifting me their good energy.

One of the most powerful, beautiful and amazing gifts ever. To no surprise at all it worked. Away went purple and in came white and yellow.

These two. Me. Us. Them. We. Team.

It doesn’t work if one of us is off balance so through roughness we have to see light. I am so grateful for both of them. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world without them.

Te amo x



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