Under the moon x

Yesterday was a hard day and so was the day before (and the day before for that matter). My moods have been yucky and it is not the me I like to be.

I have been so impatient and wanting every minute of my loves time even when I know he is so exhausted. He is our constant translator and I don’t feel as strong when he isn’t by my side here.  So as a result I have been getting yucky at him if he is not awake by a certain time or doing things when I want him too and that is not the tyoe of energy I want him to be feeling from me…

But in complete Wagi style even after I had been in a yucky mood and yucky to him, he still looks at me lovingly, he still asks if I am hungry and still smiles his beautiful smile. Then he takes me up to the open roof top lays out a bed for us puts on some music so that we can lay together under the full moon. If you know us the you know We are moon lovers and from that moment in time all my little episodes of impatience and yuckyness melt away into the sky.

This is what he does for me always. He brings me back into balance when I can’t do it myself and he is teaching me so much about always being a better person. Of course he is not perfect but he knows how to love and it turns any imperfections into perfection for me.

My dear sweet love. Thank you for loving me the way you do.

Te Amo x


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