You & Me X

Today marks two years for us. God I remember that night like it was yesterday.

When I close my eyes I can take myself back to those days and smile and feel it.

Yum x

Before that day I remember waking up every morning (he worked right next door to where I lived) and feeling excited at the thought that I might see him. We had been getting to know each other over that time and it would often turn into an afternoon beer once I got home from work but I could never be quite sure if he was actually flirting with me. I remember one day he gave his phone number ‘in case’ the meat guy arrived arrived with a delivery. I was so naive and actually thought there was a delivery but he wanted me to text him – which I didn’t! I still till this day have that number he wrote down In my wallet.

Turns out tequila helped him get my number –  but that is a different story 😙😍

I also remember the first time he touched me. Literally the first time that his skin touched mine. It wasn’t on the best of days for one of his friends Kinder who thought it was a good idea to do jumping tricks on my sons scooter after a good number of beers, they had just had a massive week of work doing 12 – 14 hour days and they were feeling good. But long story short lets just say that story ended in an ambulance ride for Kinder and for me was the first time Wagi had touched me, he was walking past the ambulance and he touched my arm in a gesture of Are you ok? Yay for me – but Poor Kinder!

I loved those days over that summer. When he came back to work after Christmas break he would always invite me for a beer, just a couple at the end of a hot day. By then I was sure there was an energy between us, but I always remember thinking,  Man how can a man this beautiful be looking at me… He had such a beautiful energy… that smile…. So delicious!

I love the memory of that night. I love the memories of those days and even though we are apart right now they stand so strong in my mind and they keep me going.

As I always say yes it is hard but it is worth it. Two years my love – I can’t wait for many many more

Te Amo x


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