Everybody knows x

Everybody knows what is going on. Even the lovely ladies at the copy centre know what’s going on. Everyone is always asking me what is happening, have we had any updates, that’s because I talkabout him any chance I can. The answer is always the same. But I know one day soon I will be able to answer in a different way – I have faith.

We are starting to plan details of our wedding. Thinking about all the things that we need to check off. I love him so much and the thought of being his wife does everything to me that it should. Excites me. Thrills me. Comforts me. It makes me want to work so hard to be the best I can be.

But it is hard. So hard. Long distance today – Is hard.

Everyday is a hard push on the energy levels but it is also another day closer to our plan.


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