OK so here is #2:

When your loved one is on the other side of the world having to make hard life choices. Just be their ears. Listen to them and give them support, because it is hard for them and they need you.

It’s a struggle today. Not because of you, but because of the situation. We are both filled with impatience and intense longing for one another and we both want this all now. Hopefully this time next week we are closer to our decision. I have multiple action plans ready to put into place and I simply can not wait to be with you again, whatever it takes. Making plans helps me to feel in control of what is happening even a plan B helps to feel as if you are working towards something. It makes me feel closer to you.

In the meantime you are having to make decisions that are hard and your strength is shining through as hard as it must be. I feel it must be hard for you. I can feel it in your voice and I just want to give you love and good energy.

I am here for you always.

Te Amo xx



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