58 hours

It’s been 58 hours since we last spoke. My head feels like it is ready to blow, and like I said earlier, no contact makes for a very unsettled mind.

Literally 100 emotions go through you in that time frame and you have to use all your power to keep these emotions in check.

Our energy is on high alert at the moment and it us understandable. Our everything is on hold. Finding you work. Making Plans. Knowing what to do. We are on hold. You, but through you is me. And I want what you want just as much as you do. Proximity. Closeness. Synergy.

I wish for this to be sorted for us. I wish for you to be home here with me and R. I can’t wait for the day. Even though it is hard today for us, I know it will get easier for us soon. It has to.

I think of you Always. More. Heaps.

Te Amo xx


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