Dear Lord x

I was speaking to a friend the other day who had gone through a long process to enter our country and I heard of all her hardships and ups and downs and it freaked me out to say the least, but then I realised hey I’m speaking to her in New Zealand aren’t I? And I remembered – We will get through this.

Somedays are harder than others to remind myself but when I can bring myself back into a positive space I feel so much better. But the other day I had to go counseling because I thought my mind was going to explode and my chest was going to cave in. It’s a scary feeling to normally be a driven productive person to someone who can’t even focus. I didn’t think I could go and release everything to a stranger as normally I like to analyse it and then work through the process to deal with it, but my coping mechanisms receded and I knew I needed to talk to someone.

Love is a crazy thing. You want them so much and you want for them so much too.  And when you can’t have them you want them even more. He is so delicious and kind and loving and that’s what pulls me through this all.  I have also even taking to thoughts of praying to help us through trying to get my love home. Dear Lord, Please. And I meant it. Whoever is out there listening, please.

Anyway my post need some visuals so here’s the song I will start my day with tomorrow.

Te Amo xx


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