Lonely for you only x


It’s another one of those ‘can’t settle my mind’ nights. They are frequent re-offenders in my life these days. I lay awake thinking about Wagi and how much I miss him. How much I can’t wait to see him, how much I can’t wait to feel his energy next to mine. We had a few days with no interweb connectivity and it really can drive a mind insane – take my word for it. We often talk about how people did it in the ‘old days’ writing love letters and the waits in between, oh my life even 36 hours without a connection sends us over the edge. So ‘can’t sleep syndrome’ sinks in for a good few hours, hence my arrival at finger tips to ipad right now.

Often I write these posts late at night, they are like a mind dump of information so that I can the rest my head to sleep. Therapeutic I suppose. I wonder if anyone else out there feels exactly like I do right now…

It is all a it bittersweet you know. You meet an amazing man who is beautiful and then you are thrust into a long distance relationship. You are engaged but you can’t touch them. You never thought you would meet the ‘one’ but then you have to be apart. So so so bittersweet. You just have to be in a constant state of gratitude to remind you of what you do have as opposed to what you don’t. But let me tell you this, One thing I can be sure of… No one would willingly be in an LDR for the joy of it and if you are you are just plain CRAZY!!!!

One day I’ll give you a little more detail as to why we are in an LDR, but hopefully it won’t get to that point because he will be home with me… But let me just say, as many of you may know, the world of Immigration is an ambiguous world and I can see how it could really beat the life out of people.

Signing off now.
Te Amo xx



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