Ok, so yesterday I was feeling a little  uneasy. My energy was on edge and when I have days like that my insecurities drop in and I get a little angsty (not the me that I like to be). So like many other resourceful people I had to arm myself with information that brought myself back into the present moment and a positive light. So glad I did. I easily found information on LDRs – Long Distance Relationships (yes there is an acronym – who knew!) Blogs, articles, research and more.

My researching of the inter-webs reassured me that I am apart of a community of people who are going through the same things as my love and I, AND to bring it all into perspective others are and have done it for much longer than us. Now this doesn’t make it any easier for us but it was nice to just read through some stories of others and most favorably for me. The benefits! Yes of course there are benefits 👍👍. Here’s a couple of links I found helpful, here and here. And that’s when I thought – if reading other peoples stories helped me then maybe I could also help others to see the positive. One of the hugest strengths of my relationship with Meu Amor (My Love) is to remain positive, even when we feel like we have had the lives kicked out of us. He always says Negativity brings failure. And of course he is right.

So for my blog, on occasion I will be posting LDRLs or as it extends: Long Distance Relationship Lessons.

I will use these when I have had an epiphany or something that I feel is worth sharing. Hopefully by the time my love is home the number of things I have learned won’t be too high (as my fingers are so tightly crossed that he will be home in no more than 3 months. Dear Lord – Please.) But at the least I will have learned more than when I started. Soooo:

LDRL #1 – When you focus on finding the benefits of any situation it allows you to see the silver lining in what we perceive to be a hard situation. Yes LDRs are very very hard. But not impossible and when you are doing it with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with then everyday that passes means you are another day closer to being reunited with your love.

Ahhh tonight I think I will sleep well 😙😙.

Te Amo xx


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